Solcora® and health

Solcora® design floors: the solid floor for all interiors.

Solcora® places health at the heart of the development and production of all its design floors. In our view, a healthy living environment starts with choosing the right foundation: your floor. The question of how our floors can make an even better contribution to your health therefore forms our starting point in producing our floors, whether for residential or commercial use, now and in the future.

The extent to which our floors influence your health is important in helping us answer that question. This might seem like overstating it a little, but do you ever spend any time considering how much time you spend in certain rooms every day? You probably don’t think about it enough. That is why we have made a list of all influences for you.


We have distinguished the following elements in relation to health:


Health and safety.

In order to ensure a good, healthy internal environment, the floor must be neutral in all (safety) aspects. This means that emissions must be very low and that a floor must exceed all the official national and international standards set for floors.


Health and hygiene.

In order to ensure good hygiene, our floors must be easy to clean, without the use of numerous and/or aggressive cleaning agents. In order to prevent or reduce allergies, it must be easy to remove fine particulate from the floor. An effective mat at the entrance (front door and rear door) prevents dirt, water and dust being brought into your home or work environment.


Health and wellbeing.

This concerns other factors that contribute towards your wellbeing. Floors can in fact make an important contribution to the acoustics and the perceived temperature of a room. You can also help to determine the atmosphere in your home or office through your choice of design or colour. You are able to create a living or working environment in which you feel completely at home. In short, a floor can contribute more towards your wellbeing than you may have previously thought, and this is where Solcora® can offer attractive, high-quality, safe and healthy solutions.