New: 45-05 Solcora® Nuance tile range

Solcora® products offer the same excellent product features as regular glue down LVT, but also combine the benefits of other types of flooring like laminate, real wood or stone and LVT click in one product.

The Solcora® collections contained 4 beautiful wood ranges and now Solcora® expanded her collection with a new tile range in April, Solcora® Classic Nuance. The new Solcora® Nuance range is a selection of the 6 best-selling colours from the mFLOR Nuance (glue down) range.  These colours have already proven their popularity in the market and their compatibility with the glue down products makes the introduction complete.

The Nuance tiles measure 90.70cm in length and 45.00cm in width and come in packs of 6. So with 1 pack you can cover 2.45m². The overall thickness is 4.5mm. The wear layer is 0.55mm. Check out the Nuance range here.