Product construction

Rigid core LVT floors from Solcora consist of several layers. Solcora makes conscious choices for each layer to offer a high quality product. Every detail has been carefully considered and enhances the quality and appearance of the floor.

PU layer
The PU layer provides the floor extra protection and an extra matt finish.

Wear layer
The sturdy wear layer protects the floor against intensive use and makes the floor extra scratch and stain-resistant.

Film layer
Thanks to the production process, the exclusive, realistic film layer reproduces the warmest, most natural colours and patterns.

PVC backing
Very dimensionally stable backing made of 100% pure, A-quality, phthalate-free PVC. This ensures a durable, safe and low-emission product with top stability.

The PVC backing is resilient, feels comfortable and provides a pleasant footfall sound.

The PVC backing is water-resistant so it can be used throughout the house and is easy to clean.

IXPE foam layer
The Solcora Silence range comes with an integrated underlay (IXPE foam). This foam layer makes the floor feel even warmer and more comfortable. It also achieves a sound reduction up to ΔLw 21dB, to minimize all sounds to a pleasant level.