Natural Touch

Visible structures and knots you can really feel.

A particular structure can be added to the wear layer of LVT floors, and we do this in order to make the floor look even more like real wood. We call this method ‘embossing’. At Solcora®, we go one step further when it comes to creating true-to-life LVT floors. The most recent development is ‘In Register Embossing’, which we also refer to as ‘Natural Touch’.


With this method, the structure in the wear layer follows the design of the fi lm layer exactly, so that all floor strips look and feel just like the natural wood product. In short, if you can see knots, the ‘Natural Touch’ ensures you will actually be able to feel them too. All Solcora® design floors with the ‘Authentic’ suffix feature this special ‘In Register Embossing’ technology.