Solcora LVT click flooring:
Click & Go

Solcora floors are rigid core vinyl floors with a strong click connection and integrated underlay for optimal comfort and a quick and easy installation.

Solcora is all-in-one so for extra comfort, all Solcora collections have an integrated underlay. As a result, Solcora+ floors achieve a sound reduction of ΔLW 20 dB and Solcora Silence achieves ΔLW 21 dB, ideal for apartments.

As Solcora floors have a powerful click connection, floating installation is simple. The floors can be installed quick and easy, without any (permanent) preparations of the subfloor! This is how Solcora combines all the comfortable advantages of LVT flooring (like mFLOR) with a quick and easy installation. The ideal flooring solution for every living and working environment, click & go!

Solcora Parva herringbone

Solcora LVT click flooring is also available in herringbone pattern. The Solcora Parva River Oak collection combines this classic parquet pattern with the practical benefits of LVT click flooring, offering the best of both worlds. Give your room a luxurious modern look with a classic twist.

Solcora Authentic

Our Authentic range really is the most authentic design floor. All our Authentic ranges come with ‘Natural Touch’, which means that the surface texture of the floor exactly matches the pattern. You can both see and feel the knots. Moreover, the Authentic ranges come in two different patterns. For the most natural colour variations and pattern gradients.

Solcora, click & go.

Solcora makes life easy. The floors can easily be installed and removed again, practical for replacement or relocation.

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