Rigid core PVC floors: Solid core, easy life

Solcora® design PVC floors offer the latest solid technology in flooring solutions. This guarantees quality, stability and safety for you.

Solcora® design floors eliminate the disadvantages of other flooring types, making it an ideal flooring solution for every living or working environment. The advantages:

  • High density, high performance
  • Warmer underfoot than traditional wood or ceramics
  • Quieter underfoot than laminate
  • 100% waterproof, making it easier to clean
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and cooling
  • Minimal subfloor requirements, easy install
  • Extra strong thanks to the Unique Power Click System
  • High dimensional stability means:
    • Won’t peak or gap
    • Can be installed in large areas
    • Not affected by direct sunlight

Solcora® South

Installed with a simple click

Solcora® South is a new type of hybrid flooring; using a solid core technology. Solcora® design floors combine the advantages of laminate, timber and vinyl plank into the one product. Therefor, Solcora® offers an ideal solution for the modern home offering a practical and yet superior floor covering.

Solid core, easy life

Solcora® offers you the easy life, simple installation with minimal fuss and is a breeze to clean. 

Introducing Solcora®

mFLOR introduces: Solcora® rigid core design floors = your solid flooring solution.

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