Maintenance instructions

All Solcora floors are designed for long life and easy cleaning and maintenance. To enjoy your Solcora floor for as long as possible, we advise you to follow our maintenance instructions. For daily cleaning and maintenance, vacuuming with a soft nozzle and mopping with recommended cleaning products is sufficient. Use a solution of lukewarm water and mFLOR Cleaner or Dr Schutz PU Cleaner. These products are safe and pH neutral, and are particularly good at picking up dirt. A safe cleaning agent in the right dosage is literally the basis of a beautiful floor. Aggressive cleaning products are not recommended. Do not leave puddles of water on the floor after cleaning. Scratch resistance All Solcora floors have a very strong wear layer which makes them highly scratch-resistant, but not scratch-free. Sharp objects can cause scratches, so prevention is better than cure!

  • Using a good quality doormat or entrance mat largely prevents the ingress of dirt and moisture, so that mFLOR floors need to be cleaned less often and their life span is extended.
  • Avoid prolonged contact between vinyl and rubber, as this may cause lasting, dark-brown discolouration (examples might include a rubber ring underneath a rubbish bin, rubber protective mats, placemats, etc.). Rubber caps under furniture can cause streaks due to friction. We therefore advise you to check all your furniture and utensils for rubber caps and apply protection (see
  • Do not slide any heavy objects over the floor and provide chair legs and other furniture with suitable protection.
  • Replace any castors underneath office chairs with soft casters that are suitable for smooth vinyl flooring.
  • Avoid discolouration due to sunlight: All flooring discolours following exposure to sunlight, whether it is made from wood, PVC or carpet. This is caused by the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. To prevent discolouration of your floor, it is important to use effective blinds.

Download the detailed Solcora maintenance instructions: