Sustainability and environmentally responsible

The world belongs to all of us. That is why we continually invest in environment-friendly products and production processes. Our factories are ISO-14001 certified. This means that our production processes have a neutral impact on the local environment.

Minimal volume
Solcora products are designed for maximum wear resistance with minimal weight. The products are only a few millimetres thick. This minimises the energy costs of transport.

Long life cycle
The high quality and wear resistance of our Solcora products ensure a long service life. Our floors come with an amazing 25-year guarantee!

Easy to clean
Thanks to the physical properties of Solcora, the floors are easy to clean using a limited amount of water and no harmful chemicals.

Thanks to the deliberate choice of high-quality raw materials, Solcora is able to guarantee a safe, healthy and phthalate-free LVT floor. Environmentally responsible in the interest of your safety – for now and for future generations.

Our floors are fully recyclable. By choosing the purest materials, we also ensure that our floors do not emit harmful substances to other products made from recycled materials. In this way we are helping to eliminate the use of these harmful substances.

Safe composition
Solcora meets all the requirements defined by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). These are based on the ‘Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH)’ system. At Solcora, we prioritise safety and health above everything else. That is why our design floors not only meet the strictest standards of the ECHA for interior applications, but even meet the same standard that is defined for plastic materials in toys and childcare products that can be put in the mouth.