What are Solcora design floors

Rigid core LVT floors from Solcora consist of several layers. Solcora makes conscious choices for each layer to offer a high quality product. Every detail has been carefully considered and enhances the quality and appearance of the floor.

Rigid core
Solcora LVT click floors are design LVT floors (like mFLOR) but more rigid, with a powerful click connection and an integrated underlay. These LVT floors are 7.0mm thick.

Solcora click floors require floating installation, without (permanent) preparations of the subfloor. The floors can be installed over uneven surfaces quick and easy. Solcora floors are also easy to remove (which can be very practical when moving into another house).

Solcora Silence 70-05
Solcora is Silence and is all in one.  For extra comfort, the complete Solcora range comes with an integrated underlay (IXPE foam). This makes the floor feel even warmer and more comfortable. It also makes the installation even faster, as the underlay is already incorporated in the floor itself! In addition, Solcora Silence has the unique feature of achieving a sound reduction up to ΔLW 21 dB, to minimize all sounds to a pleasant level. Solcora Silence is exceptionally strong, comfortably soft and quiet.

Solcora 40-05 / 45-05
These LVT floors are 4 or 4.5mm thick and have a 0.55mm thick wear layer. This makes these floors suitable for intensive commercial use where large numbers of people walk on the floor, such as shops, schools, restaurants, public buildings and shopping centers. It is also possible, of course, to install the 40-05 collection in your house or home office. The floors are suitable for every living and working environment. These floors do not have an integrated underlay.